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risk assessment nsmA responsible person must carry out fire risk assessments although it is advised to get a professional safety consultant to perform the task. However, no matter the case you will still be responsible, in law, for meeting the order. The task can be taken by the person on their own or with any other individual. As practical as possible insure that everyone on the premises, or nearby, can escape safely in case of a potential fire.

The difference from previous legislation’s is that everyone who may be on your premises must be taken into consideration, this includes employees, any visitors or members of the public, for example, an open-air venue. Particular attention should be made to people with disabilities or need special care. Authorities no longer issue certificates and previous persons will no longer have legal authority due to the order stating you must manage your own safety plan. Despite this any fire certificates you have could be useful as a starting point although you still must carry out a regular safety assessment.

Your premises may have been built in line with modern building regulations, if so your structural fire precautions should be satisfactory. A fire risk assessment should be carried out and insure you keep on top of all fire precautions and routines. A safety consultant such as ourselves would ensure you comply with this.

Here at NSM Ltd we provide Fire Risk Assessments to the highest standard a Fire Safety Policy with Log book, and Emergency Plan if required. The Fire Risk Assessment covers all 17 articles of the Regulatory Reform Order.



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