Door Access

4G Door Access Systems

No expensive cable runs or handsets, just answer the door from any phone

Full colour screen and engaging animations,

the durable SC-03 scrolling intercom elevates the tenant experience – without breaking the bank!

Using the latest wireless access control technology, Intratone’s SC-03 intercom enables real-time management for property managers and better accessibility for all users. Residents can control access permissions on their preferred digital device, while the SC-03’s integrated pinhole video camera allows them to view visitors – for extra security. This advanced intercom gives a sleek look to entrances too, while providing a practical solution for privately managed residential buildings.


The SC-03 has a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality – for a scrolling intercom with a difference.
Bring access control to life with a 3.5 inch full-colour screen that displays the date and time, residence, and even has engaging animations and logos when scrolling or answering calls. An adaptable light sensor on the screen adds further visual appeal and usability for multi-dwelling buildings.

Featuring the latest cutting-edge access control technology, the SC-03 intercom also boasts a pinhole video camera, integrated hands-free proximity reader and coded keypad, to help improve the user experience and building security.

The SC-03 is a robust access solution, with a vandal-resistant screen, IP54 and IK08 protection ratings and a durable interface. Plus, its integrated audio induction loop and braille backlit keypad ensures accessibility for visitors with a diverse range of needs.

As with all of Intratone’s next-generation intercoms, the SC-03 is wireless for simple installation and minimal maintenance. It reduces the need for plastic handsets in individual flats and, as it’s surface-mounted, is less expensive and easier to install than flush-fit alternatives.

Powered by 4G mobile technology, residents can grant or decline property access via audio or video calls on their preferred device – wherever they are. 

Furthermore, housing professionals can oversee properties remotely via Intratone’s secure, online management system, without needing to visit on-site. This enables them to edit residents’ details and grant access to external contractors in just a few clicks – saving valuable time and costs.

The SC-03 features the latest user-friendly access control technology without the high price tag. This cost-effective intercom solution is ideal for private property managers, while its durable design ensures minimal ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

Management Portal

Simple to use management portal for updating tenant information

Easily add or modify new tenants in just a few clicks, assign keyfobs or tempoary access codes for trades people 

F. A. Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions, please get in touch if you want to know anything else.

Full installation and setup from only £2999, save thousands compared to traditional door entry systems

Yes, calls can be answered on any phone. Once the call has been answered you can press the * key to open the door.

The built in eSIM works on all four of the major UK networks, always locking onto the strongest signal

There is a small monthly fee for the eSIM, access to the management portal is free forever.

Proximity Readers

Replace old-fashioned mechanical keys with our vandal-proof, sustainable and intuitive proximity readers.

By simply tapping a connected key fob against our proximity reader, registered users can quickly and easily gain entry – while our hands-free proximity readers are able to detect compatible key fobs from up to 1m away.

Building access and key fob management can be completed remotely too with our secure online management system.