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A few of our recent projects

Suez Recycling

For six years, NSM has been the trusted electrical and fire detection partner for Suez Kirklees, revolutionising their operational efficiency, safety, and compliance. 

Faced with outdated systems and stringent safety requirements, we provided tailored electrical upgrades, ensuring modernisation and compliance. Routine maintenance and proactive inspections reduced downtime, saving costs, and enhancing operational reliability. 

This partnership showcases NSM’s dedication to tailored electrical solutions, amping up efficiency, and supporting Suez Kirklees in their quest for excellence in waste management

Tate & Lyle

Recommended following successes at Weetabix, Buxton, and Mars, NSM collaborated with Tate & Lyle to address challenges related to aging electrical systems and compliance issues.

Our meticulous electrical inspection and testing program, including thorough inspections and advanced testing protocols, ensured enhanced safety standards and operational reliability.

The success of this project was reflected in positive client feedback, commending our expertise and dedication.

NSM remains committed to supporting industrial production plants in ensuring safety, meeting compliance standards, and fostering secure operational environments.

As we evolve our services, we anticipate contributing further to Tate & Lyle’s ongoing success and efficiency

Wildwood & Dim T

Tasty Restaurant Chain, known for culinary excellence, partnered with NSM to address challenges in aging infrastructure and maintenance.

Our comprehensive solution included shop fit-outs, targeted upgrades and proactive maintenance, resulting in enhanced aesthetics across 87 locations, minimized downtime, and positive customer feedback.

Thrilled with the transformation, our client commended our attention to detail and proactive approach. This collaboration showcases our commitment to elevating the customer experience


Over the past 2 years, we have been a crucial partner in enhancing Tesco’s store environments through strategic out-of-hours shop fit-outs and upgrades.

Facing the challenge of modernisation without disrupting daily operations, our tailored solution included night-time shop fit-outs, strategic planning, and focused upgrades.

The success of this collaboration is evident in minimised customer disruption, enhanced store aesthetics, and improved operational efficiency.

Tesco expresses extreme satisfaction with our professionalism and efficiency, acknowledging the positive impact on the shopping experience.

As NSM evolves its services, it looks forward to contributing further to Tesco’s ongoing success.

Outwood Grange Academy Trust

Over the past 4 years, NSM has played a vital role in executing large-scale mechanical and electrical installations and upgrades across multiple academies in the Outwood Grange Academies Trust.

Addressing challenges related to outdated infrastructure and inefficient energy systems, our comprehensive solution resulted in renewable energy solutions, enhanced learning spaces, energy savings, and improved operational efficiency.

The success of our collaboration is evident in positive client feedback, expressing extreme satisfaction with the transformation brought to their academies.

Student Accommodation Leeds

We showcased our expertise in a large-scale electrical installation for a 187-unit student accommodation block in Leeds, prioritising comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

Challenges included the need for a robust electrical and renewable energy infrastructure, compliance with regulations, and tight deadlines.

Our comprehensive solution featured capacity assessment, energy-efficient design, and compliance assurance, resulting in a seamless project execution.
The modern electrical systems enhance the living experience, provide energy savings, and adhere to safety and compliance standards.

The fantastic feedback acknowledges our exceptional work, reflecting our commitment to innovative and reliable electrical solutions.


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